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TFG3050L 50MHz DDS Funktionsgenerator

TFG3050L 50MHz DDS Funktionsgenerator
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TFG3050L 50MHz DDS Funktionsgenerator   100m Hz ~ 50 MΗz 0.1Hz to... mehr
Produktinformationen "TFG3050L 50MHz DDS Funktionsgenerator"

TFG3050L 50MHz DDS Funktionsgenerator


100m Hz ~ 50 MΗz

0.1Hz to 100MHz frequency counter

10μHz  maximum frequency resolution

Two channels output independently or synchronously

Without limitation for the whole range, digital setting directly

FM, AM, 2FSK, 4FSK, ASK, OSK, 2PSK, 4PSK and burst modulation

Data storage and recall.10 groups of generator state parameters can be saved and be recured at any moment if necessary

Standard interface of RS-232 and USB device, optional interface of GPIB


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